Manufacturer & Exporter of Weight Lifting Belts, Power Belts, Lever Belts, Neoprene Belts, Straps, Wraps, Gloves, Accessories!.


About Us

Fitness Market Gear is one of the leading manufacturer's of all kind of Power Lifting Belts, Weight Lifting Belts, Neoprene Belts, Power Lifting Lever Belts, Weight Lifting Gloves, Weight Lifting Accessories - Head Pulling Harness, AB Sling, Anklet Leather/Neoprene Straps, Elastic Wrist Wraps, Power Hook, Lifting Straps, Knee Wraps, Triceps Leather & Nylon Web.

We can manufacture all kind of custom design products up to requirements or specification demanding Through designs, templates, prototypes, patterns or images.

Our vast experience of manufacturing can meet your requirements through quality and workmanship. We make under our  customer any  requisite logo as well as brand name. As such we are producing and maintaining standard of quality, because it is the demand of international markets. You can trust on our firm for your requirements to have quality products on most reasonable rates and fast services as all the times. So we shall waiting your earlier reply very soon along with your requirements.