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Neoprene Gri Pad

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Neoprene Gri Pad

Neoprene Gri Pad

Art No: FM-NG-1001

Made of Durable Rubber material for stronger grip.

Neoprene can also be used in grip pads for comfort environment.

Both of these materials are enough to provide a cushion that makes your hands don’t feel harsh.

Also reduced the strained affects of lifting heavy weight.

Maximize Your Workout Potential With Grip Pad.

The texture material that grasp the bar and does not let your hand slide off. In addition, your hand does not sweat like they do when you use traditional leather gym

Another advantage of Grip pad is that it Secure your weights with specially designed textile material, Full Coverage palm protection, Firm and comfortable grip.

No restrictions on palm movement, No sweaty hands.

They are very comfortable lifting pads, the best Non-slip grip you can get during your workout. They are ideal for heavy lifting.

One of the best choice of our customers.