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Weight Lifting Power Hooks

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Weight Lifting Power Hooks

Weight Lifting Power Hooks

Art No: FM-AH-1002

Our hooks provide superior support and comfort while securely holding your weights in place. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these hooks will help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. Experience the ultimate support with our weightlifting hooks!

Solid steel hooks that securely Hold your weights in place for a safe and supportive experience.

Premium anti-slip rubberized resistance coating on hook to provide superior grip and protection against slipping.

Soft Neoprene padding around the wrist provides total comfort, prevents wrist digging, and relieves wrist discomfort.

2 inches of industrial-grade fastening straps with a fully adjustable Velcro closure, so you can adjust according to your needs.

High-quality stitching that maintains its shape through heavy lifting and repeated use.

It fits snugly in your palm and around equipment, so you can perform any pulling movements with ease.

Use lifting hooks for deadlifts, shrugs, pull-ups, and any pulling movement with ease.