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Power Belt/Easy Flip Buckle

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Power Belt/Easy Flip Buckle

Power Belt/Easy Flip Buckle

Art No: FM-PB-1001

    Friendly made the combination of suede and top-grain leather.

      Our 10mm/13-mm-thick and 4-inch-wide leather belt is carefully designed to provide you maximum support and protection while lifting and reduce the risk of injury.

        The durable suede leather applied to the front and back of the cowhide top-grain leather to ensure maximum support.

          Its solid construction with reinforced double-side stitching makes it highly durable and long-lasting.

            A soft leather to provide support without digging into the hips or back while performing unbeatable support and stability during heavy lifts.

              Featuring an adjustable black, dual-prong metal buckle with antique brass rivets.

                The 9 adjustable holes are used to make the belts adjustable to fit a wide range of waist sizes.

                Easy Flip stainless steel buckle

                Fitness Market Power Lifting Belt is ideal for power lifting, bodybuilding or general back support.

                Less flexible and greater stiffness

                You can personalize any product by adding your own private labeling, design, size, and logo at factory prices.